Oversize transport

M&R Logistics

Professional low-loading semi-trailers allow us to transport almost all oversize cargos.


Experienced carrier

with full backup

We have been dealing with international transport for 20 years, however in reply to the increased market demand in terms of transportation of oversized goods, we extended our services with transport on low-loading semi-trailers. As a reliable entity, we obtained a series of required permits and insurances which guarantee safety and high level of offered services.


Professional low-loading


Our fleet comprises low-loading semi-trailers Kässbohrer Flex Carrier, using which, we are able to transport almost every type of oversize cargo. Our offer is directed mostly to companies which deal with importing and exporting of vehicles on the area of the whole Europe.
We offer complex services, among others:


Flex Carrier

semi-trailer parameters

Complete personnel back-up ensures

the highest level of services


We are always

at your disposal

We are a team of passionate people in TFL industry. Our involvement results from the will for personal development and assisting our customers, due to which, we guarantee the highest level of orders handling to all our customers.